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  • 12:25:58 pm on December 24, 2008 | # | 0

    It’s been a week since we last updated everyone. Right after the first release, we went back to the drawing board with a bunch of new ideas and requests that everyone who signed up in the first beta had for us. While we had prototypes ready for most of those features, we decided to step on the gas and get them out to you before the holidays really kicked in and we went our merry way. So here we are, with βeta2! We’ve added some changes under the hood, so if you were with us for the first release, you will notice some differences. There are many changes in the web interface as well – including an auto-refreshing timeline and more ways to tune your Filttr experience – which is why we put together a quick screencast for our old and new users alike. We hope you enjoy it. It’s a quick primer on how to get started.

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    We’re also sending out our first newsletter, exclusively to our current users. Also, we’re sending an invite which they can give to someone to let them join us. It’s our little thanks for being with us from the start, and a way to share the love! So if you missed out the first time around and want in, catch one of these first timers and pester them for one. It’ll be worth it!

    We hope you enjoy using βeta2 of Filttr as much as we enjoyed working on it. Tweet tweet!