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Facebook Integration

  • 07:10:24 pm on May 18, 2009 | # | 0

    Do you use facebook? Don’t you wish you could post select twitter updates as facebook statuses? Inspired by Selective Status (facebook app), Filttr now has a nifty facebook integration to allow posting specific/all updates to Facebook. Unlike existing facebook apps, we allow protected users to post their statuses as well!

    Update Facebook Statuses from Fittr

    To get started, login to, click settings (at top) and select facebook (on the right). Here are the options you can chose from:

    • All tweets are sent to facebook
    • All tweets are sent to facebook except if they end with #fb
    • Tweets are sent to facebook only if they end with #fb

    You may also temporarily disable the feature; such as when live tweeting an event. We do not post @replies and Direct Messages. If you don’t want to show hashtags on facebook statuses, select the “strip hashtags” option.

    Note: You MUST remove Twitter’s official facebook (or others such as Selective Status) integration to avoid double posting.

    Happy Filttr’in!