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  • 05:50:32 pm on September 18, 2009 | # | 0

    It’s hard to believe that Summize was a service bought by Twitter. Without Twitter Search, Twitter just doesn’t seem right. Twitter Trends are list of topics that people are talking about the most. Since we brought out dynamic Aliases (based on hashtags/search) in our earlier, we thought it would cool-er if Trends were a part of Filttr too. We added Trends back in June as an optional list.

    Even after linking them to dynamic Aliases, Filttr users felt something was missing. Some trends just don’t make sense (read: dubious hashtag, etc). Clicking through points to a bunch of tweets but unless one could find a valuable tweet, it doesn’t quite help. We had been monitoring a 3rd party service called for a while. In simple words, it’s a Wikipedia for Twitter Trends. The community helps add content to each trend and it allows everyone to know why a topic is trending on twitter. We added an option last month – a question mark next to each Trend. Clicking it queries the wonderful service (WhatTheTrend) and display the data. Whether it’s Follow Friday, #iranelection or Kayne West; anyone using Filttr is the first to know!