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  • 09:31:51 pm on November 16, 2009 | # | 2

    Earlier this year, we announced support for Unlike other twitter services & apps, we used to shorten URLs only if your tweet exceeded 140 characters. This was done automatically until we introduced a manual “shorten links” button. Few months ago, we added support for stats which would show beautiful graphs based on the details of who visited your URLs & how.

    When made the announcement of shutdown, we were quite disappointed and we switched to which had been our backup URL shortening since the very beginning. Later announcements of’s revival did make us happy but the stats system still hasn’t come back. So we’ve decided to move on to (an alias of

    All URLs will now be shortened by only. We will soon be adding URL statistics. Follow @Filttr for more updates!

  • I’m no expert on, but it looks to me like the stats are fine…

    • The stats API has been dead for a while.