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A New Hope

  • 10:09:51 am on May 4, 2010 | # | 8

    It has been a year since our last beta but that doesn’t mean we haven’t done anything since then. There has also been heavy performance improvements. However, our company has been looking forward to move from Filttr over to other things. It was an experiment by Aditya & Swaroop which transformed into a full time project as we got popular – not to forget the first big coverage by TechCrunch followed by CNN & New York Times. However, we hit some roadblocks and then the negative attitude of Twitter towards the developers led us to lose interest in trying to monetize the service. The final nail in the coffin was flurry of decisions by Twitter last month. We will not get into the details as everyone here at RH loves Twitter & the way they’ve managed the service so far.

    Coming to my point, our company has decided to move on to other projects & I, Swaroop Hegde, have decided to take over Filttr’s development & server expenses. We have never charged our users and I do not plan to do so either and yes, ads suck! There are no major bugs ( but I will try to add more features ( during my free time. I’m already in the process of developing FilttrFon – a mobile app for iPhone & Android.

    Click here to lend your support to: Filttr and make a donation at !

    I would be grateful if people can even donate something as little as $5; it will help me pay for some part of the expenses and most importantly, encourage me to continue developing Filttr!


    P.S. I can be reached at email [at] or @SwaroopH

    P.P.S. You didn’t think I would actually forget mentioning Star Wars day, would ya? Hint: Check title.

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  • Aaron

    Great idea for a site! curious if any more development is being done on at the moment, or if there are any concrete plans to do so?

    • Aaron, thanks for the feedback. I do plan to continue development on Filttr. A new startup I am working at has kept me busy until now.

  • thesaint

    Great and Amazing work, what about add rss feed that can be used in some application like powerpoint twitter it will be a great control

    • Thanks! RSS feeds have existed for much more than a year now but might be buggy as I haven’t looked into them. Feel free to click the feedback button (on the left) to report any issues/suggestions.

  • Noviadelina95

    when I can download filttrfon? :)

    • Sorry, I never got to finishing the app. But with the new TOS Twitter has in place, I doubt I can legally publish it without some kind of partnership with them.

  • wow this is really awesome, i like it when I see that a tweet is blocked, but can you make it stack so it wont fill the stream?
    just like “filttrd “5”  tweets from [twitter profile here]” so it wont be many black boxes, I hope you consider this, thanks